Senior Care

DayBreak - A Program for Seniors

DayBreak is a ministry for senior adults with varying degrees of memory loss and senior adults who are seeking group fellowship. The program is structured to meet the cognitive and social needs of senior adults with varying degrees of memory loss. DayBreak provides a loving and caring Christian environment that includes fellowship, fun and - most importantly- stimulating and creative activities geared towards their unique abilities.

DayBreak currently meets on Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and includes coffee and fellowship, devotions, music, lunch and afternoon activities such as games, sing-alongs, dances and special events.

Who Can Participate?

Our program is intended for Seniors who have varying degrees of memory loss and those seeking to be involved in fellowship and activities. Participants may be cognitively impaired or physically challenged; the degree of acceptance ranges from mild to moderate impairment.

DayBreak Support Team

The DayBreak Support Team includes:

  • Medical Director
  • Nurses
  • Chaplain
  • DayBreak Coordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Social Services Director
  • Volunteers

Qualifications for Admission to DayBreak

Participation in the program is based on the applicant's cognitive and physical evaluation and the initial interview with the Director of Nursing and Program Coordinator. The following considerations are taken when evaluating whether an applicant is capable of participating in the program:

  • Ambulates independently with minimal assistance in a reasonable amount of time and without potential danger to self or others
  • Performs activities of daily living with minimal assistance (i.e. eating and toileting)
  • Interacts and socializes with others.
  • Displays acceptable behavior in a group.
  • Demonstrates willingness to stay under the supervision of the DayBreak team.

Admission Requests


Call (770) 969-8354 or email:

Shelley Mann, Director of Senior Care & Volunteer Services

Jane Wright Senior Care Assistant

Click here for a DayBreak application.