Our Ministry

Our Purpose


Our purpose is to glorify God as guardians of the sanctity and dignity of life by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care to our patients and their families and offer hope based on faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of life and death. We serve people from all walks of life, without regard to economic status, race or religion.


History – Three Decades of Caring

In 1983, the dream of building a caring hospice ministry began to unfold as a small staff and loving volunteers began providing hospice home care from a Sunday School classroom at Southwest Christian Church in East Point, Georgia. The current hospice facility was built in 1987 – the first inpatient hospice in the state of Georgia – and is located on fourteen beautifully landscaped acres in Union City. Southwest Christian Care currently operates as a 501c3 non-profit organization under the direction of a Board of Directors.


Who We Are


Southwest Christian Care is more than a care facility. It’s more like a home away from home – a place full of friendly, caring faces where the environment is alive with laughter, hugs and sometimes, tears. It’s a place where our patients and their family members can find inner peace and be strengthened and supported. Whether we are serving a terminally ill patient in hospice, providing respite for a child with special needs or giving special love and attention to seniors, our goal is to offer the very best care possible in a nurturing and accepting environment.


How We Are Different:  A Place of Hope and Encouragement


At Southwest Christian Care, you will find an atmosphere of acceptance and a haven where families and friends can be assured that their loved ones are receiving the very best care possible. The fact that we offer this care at no cost to patients or their families adds an element of love and trust that is very unique.

The concept of providing compassionate care at no cost began with the simple desire to offer hope in the name of Christ. Love and care offered in His name, while expecting nothing in return, is a testimony of God’s love and grace and opens many doors of opportunity to share God’s message of hope with patients and their family members. We serve people from all walks of life without regard to race, gender, religious affiliation or economic status.


How We Operate

Because all of our services are provided at no cost to our patients or their families, Southwest Christian Care depends solely upon the generous gifts of individuals, churches, civic groups, corporations, businesses and foundations. If you are not yet a part of this growing ministry, we hope you will prayerfully consider how God may be leading you to join hands with us. Together, we offer these vital services to people who desperately need our care.


Southwest Christian Care is comprised of four service areas:



Southwest Christian Care comes alongside terminally ill patients and their family members to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support. Our experienced and loving staff focuses on the unique needs of each patient to provide the best care possible. Whether providing hospice homecare or center-based care, the goal is to help the patient live as fully as possible and to encourage and support the family as they deal with the illness of their loved one.


Children’s Respite Care


Every child is a special gift from God. But caring for a child with special needs can stretch a family to its limits. The needs of a child with disabilities often become the central focus of attention, overwhelming and isolating other family members. Respite care can play an important role in maintaining the health and stability of these families by giving them a break. Southwest Christian Care provides two avenues of respite for families of children with special needs:

  • Hope House Children’s Respite Center – for medically fragile children
  • WeCare Respite – for children with special needs who are less medically fragile than those served through Hope House.

Senior Care

DayBreak – A Day Program for Seniors offers an environment structured to meet the fellowship needs of senior adults with varying degrees of memory loss. The program meets the needs of many who require special love and attention. Some experience early stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia; others crave companionship and usefulness. We design our services to meet each participant’s unique interest and abilities.


Spiritual Care


Our entire ministry is based on the spiritual care of our patients and their families. Hope and encouragement are offered to families by our Spiritual Care Team which consists of our experienced Chaplains and our Director of Social Services. Short-term counseling, support groups and bereavement care materials are available to assist families as they walk through the grief process. Through the Spiritual Care ministry, we share God’s love and comfort  for us through Jesus Christ.