Celebration of Lights

Lighting of the Grounds - November 27 - 6:00 pm

During the Christmas season, Southwest Christian Care has a beautiful way to honor your loved ones. The Celebration of Lights provides an opportunity to purchase lights given in memory or in honor of someone special. Each light represents a donation of $25 or more.

2017 Celebration of Lights Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors

Lee Whetstone In Memory of Doris Whetstone

Emerald Sponsors

Mr. John Brunner In Memory of Jack Brunner
Mrs. Rose Marie Harper
Mrs. Annie Hill In Honor of James White
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Barnes In Memory of Walter, Anne & John Brandenburg and in honor of the  Staff of SWCC

Gold Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. James Fowler In Memory of Sara Fowler
Mr. William Griggers In Memory of Jolynn Griggers and Mike Perkins
Mr. Tom Handley In Memory of Susan Handley and Clara Massey
The Residents of Hilltop Acres of Christian City
Mrs. Evelyn Peek In Memory of Joseph Peek
BB&T - Reese Insurance
Mr. Mark Kimsey In Memory of Mary Ruth Kimsey
Mr. & Mrs. David Nelms In Honor of the Staff of SWCC
Mr. Carl W. Johns In Memory of Patsy Johns

Silver Sponsors



Leon Norton In Memory of Judy E. Norton, Mable N.Shurbutt, Grace O. Norton and Choice T. Norton

Mrs. Clara W. Faith In Memory of Roy L. Faith

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Strack

Mrs. Margaret Cruse

Ms. Sybil Timmerman In Memory of Herb Timmerman, Jr.

Ms. Frankie Burkes

Ms. Anne Scupholme In Memory of Donald Krickbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Landgrebe

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Presley In Memory of Bernice Presley and Minna Dale Martin

Southwest Christian Church/ Welcome- Seekers Class

Mr. and Mrs. John Edge, Jr. In Memory of Frances Edmonson and Betty Edge

Mr. Stan Barker In Memory of Dick & Jane Morris


Mrs. Alva Bennett In Memory of Dennis Bennett

Ms. Sandra Gross

Mrs. Debroah Carter Plonk In Memory of Family Members

Ms. Tracy Trammell In Memory of Bennie Brinson

Mr. and Mrs Michal Dunn In Memory of Jack Dunn

Mr. Raymond Rosano, Jr. In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rosano

Mrs. Connie Berger In Memory of William Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mann In Memory of Virginia Lindsey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Braun In Memory of Margaret Michalski

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Waller In Memory of Helen & Paul Waller

Pulliam's Tire & Alignment In Memory of James & Zuline Pulliam